Symposia 2018: Scott Rae: “Do You Matter? Says Who?”

Symposia 2017: Craig Keener: “Are Miracles Intellectually Credible?”

Symposium 2016: “How Badly Has the Bible Been Corrupted?”

Symposium 2015: “Scientific Evidence For God’s Existence

Libby Swenson: “Injustice: Human Slavery and Sex Trafficking”

Melissa Woodward: “I Once Was a Sex Slave but Now I am Free”

Dr. John Hare v. Dr. Michael Ruse: “What Would Jesus Do? What Would Darwin Do?”

Nathan Harden: “Sex and God at College”

Crissy Moran: “Ex-Porn Star Tells All”

Symposia 2013: Dr. William Lane Craig vs. Dr. Alex Rosenberg “Is Faith in God Reasonable?”

Symposia 2012: Paul Copan

Symposia 2011: Gary Habermas

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